Aaron Rideout Photography

Clothing Tips

Let me start of by saying, Baggy clothes went out in the 1990's! Baggy clothing adds unwanted bulk to your bodyline and can actually make you look heavier than you are. You don't have to wear skinny jeans but, I always recommend fitted clothing. Also, I recommend solid colors and avoid distracting patterns. Remember, we're taking a picture of you, and not your clothes. Your clothing shouldn't dominate the photograph.

For the women, belts are you friend! Any belt will slim and add definition to your waist.

YES! My camera has magic powers!

But seriously, The big key is clothing. I tell people that necklines play a huge role and choosing a flattering neckline is key. Generally, V-necks are flattering for all body types and help to elongate the neck.

Another huge part is posing. I've studying (and continue to study), to find the most flattering bodylines for all body types. They may feel akward at times, but trust me, Im doing my best to make you look good.

With all of my image DVDs, there is a copyright release allowing you to print your photos as you please. It has alway been my belief that the client should have ownership of their images. So feel free to post them on Facebook or email them to your friends.

I do tell clients that, I cannot guarantee the quality of the images if they print them at a discount photo lab. I always recommend printing your images with a reputable lab like Hawaii Pacific Photo. I use them for all my printing needs. They're more expensive than Costco, but you get what you pay for! They are the only lab on the island that uses genuine Kodak paper.

Yes! I include skin retouching with all of my edited images. I grew up having severe facial acne and understand how devistating it can be to one's self image. I will make sure that you alway look your best will be proud to show off you pictures. Don't let a pimple stop you a from getting your portrait done.